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Hey, I put some new shoes on, And suddenly everything is right…

31 Oct

Another classic case of how a humdrum day progresses into a fun day. Courtesy, a new pair of black oxfords. I picked them up last week. And although at first I thought that the black was too severe, it kind of grew on me.

cardigan top, plaid shirt, SN; jeans, Levis; satchel, Jaipur; brogues, soft n sleek, SN.

I do not know what is it about new shoes that makes me so happy.

This satchel is one of my favorite bags. I can fit the world in there and it doesn’t hurt that its so pretty.



26 Oct

On some days you can just pick anything off your wardrobe and its perfect. And on those few others, you’re left scratching your head. You think what more can you do with it. If nothing strikes (and you have enough time on your hand), you simply go for something else (tried and tested). Before you go for a complete outfit change, here are few things you can try:

1. Change your hairstyle – Its true, some clothes actually come to life with the right hairstyle.

2. Put on your make-up and heels (or flats, whatever)  and then check yourself again. You might like it this time around.

3. Accessorize, throw on a scarf, etc.

4. Trying wearing your top/tunic/dresses backwards. I swear by it. I got the idea from Zarna of Zarna’s Runway and it hasn’t failed me ever (as you will find out eventually in this post).  But then again, do not get carried away and wear your shirts or t-shirts with collar this way (or some tops with very obviously defined front- and back side), ’cause then you might be making heads turn for THE wrong reason. (You obviously knew that).

top, UCB; scarf, vintage; jeans, Big C (SN); clutch, Accesorize; clogs, ALDO

I just could not take how drab this combination of jeans and top looked. I tied the scarf into a bow and then couldn’t make up my mind if it looked better straight up or a bit to the sideways. I went with the latter.

          Ah yes, as you would’ve guessed by now, I did wear the top backwards.

To all my lovely readers, have a safe and happy Diwali!

Too school for cool

24 Oct

I have to be honest, when I was dressing up today for my ‘sunday errands’ I was aiming for the quintessential New York look. Boots, shorts, layering and the works. However, after I threw on this particular bag, there was a noticeable vicissitude to ‘school girl chic’.

black top, white shirt, ZARA; shorts, G.K. M block; boots, ALDO; bag, the sak.

I was in a rush, but if I had more time on hand, I would’ve definitely teamed the boots with knee-length socks (which i couldn’t seem to find) . Black knee-length socks with brogues or clogs are the flavour this season. I am not really an accessory junkie, but a chunky necklace with this would look great too.

How was your weekend?

Man! I feel like a woman…

19 Oct

So, by now the androgyny look should have become really old and trite. But like other unforeseeable forces of fashion, it hasn’t. And thank God for that. Hate em’ or love em’, men will always be a part of our lives and their clothes a part of our wardrobe.

Till few years ago, I used to always whine to mother about how  baby brothers are no fun. With a sister I could’ve played dress up, we could’ve done each others hair, share clothes, make up and whatnot. Not anymore! See how I incorporate my brother D’s ‘military’ shirt into my look on three separate occasions.


look 1

wayfarer, Ray-ban; army shirt, Timberland; white cotton shirt, SN; jeans, Mango; clogs, ALDO; stole, SN.

The best thing about fall is that, you can layer up without feeling the heat. To liven-up the otherwise solid colour ensemble, I threw on a black-and-white stripped stole. I continued with the red on my lips where I had left it off at the jeans.


look 2

T-shirt, SN; shorts, GAP; clogs, ALDO, belt, ZARA; bag, SN.

Clogs should definitely be counted amongst a woman’s best friend. They’re comfy and they give the height. More on that later.


look 3 - loafing around

Shorts, G.K. M-block market, sunnies, Dior; loafers, soft n sleek (SN); bag, Lifestyle

If you’re thinking I was really comfortable in the outfit above. You’re absolutely right. Its loafers plus over-sized shirt plus shorts..everything about it sings comfort.

What is your take on the androgyny look?


18 Oct

Dear Readers,

After a lot of thinking, deliberating, doubting, starting, stopping and procrastination, I finally decided to start my own blog.

For my first post, I’d like to share TODAY. My mother and I and a friend of hers went to this jewellery exhibition at the Ashoka. Which was followed by a sojourn to their favourite pre-Diwali joint at Bhikaji Kama place that is teeming with kiosks that showcase silk fabrics and garments from all over India.

I wasn’t in a particularly dressy mood, so I decided on my go-to outfit—white on white. I simply love the  understated elegance.Its perfect for one of those lazy days when you want to look good without too much of a hassle. For a dash of colour, I decided on fuchsia lips. Funny thing is, after lining my lips with the fuchsia liner, I couldn’t seem to find my lipstick, so I just decided to smudge some of that liner all over my lips..and VOILA! But make sure before you try this, your lips are moisturised.

sunnies, Gucci; shirt and banyan tree chain, Sarojini Nagar; bag, vintage; jeans, Big C (SN); wedges, ALDO.

Please overlook the  unintentional moronic expression, I was just requesting the photographer for a better angle.

* Look ma, I think they’re serving champagne *

On a completely related note, for those of you wanting to START…(with) something/anything…do it today! “Today is where your book begins”. Leaving you with a song that might help (/move) you 🙂


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