26 Oct

On some days you can just pick anything off your wardrobe and its perfect. And on those few others, you’re left scratching your head. You think what more can you do with it. If nothing strikes (and you have enough time on your hand), you simply go for something else (tried and tested). Before you go for a complete outfit change, here are few things you can try:

1. Change your hairstyle – Its true, some clothes actually come to life with the right hairstyle.

2. Put on your make-up and heels (or flats, whatever)  and then check yourself again. You might like it this time around.

3. Accessorize, throw on a scarf, etc.

4. Trying wearing your top/tunic/dresses backwards. I swear by it. I got the idea from Zarna of Zarna’s Runway and it hasn’t failed me ever (as you will find out eventually in this post).  But then again, do not get carried away and wear your shirts or t-shirts with collar this way (or some tops with very obviously defined front- and back side), ’cause then you might be making heads turn for THE wrong reason. (You obviously knew that).

top, UCB; scarf, vintage; jeans, Big C (SN); clutch, Accesorize; clogs, ALDO

I just could not take how drab this combination of jeans and top looked. I tied the scarf into a bow and then couldn’t make up my mind if it looked better straight up or a bit to the sideways. I went with the latter.

          Ah yes, as you would’ve guessed by now, I did wear the top backwards.

To all my lovely readers, have a safe and happy Diwali!


2 Responses to “Routine”

  1. preethi October 28, 2011 at 18:46 #

    THIS IS AWWWWEEESOME.. you wore it backwards, you ballsy girl.

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