2 Nov

You need a _____ when you are about to _____. *Now please do not let your imagination run wild*. For answer, look above, no not your ceiling, the title. Yes, BREAK. The middle of the week, when you just cannot take it anymore, and the next step is a BREAKdown, just take a break. Let your work, studies, etc take a backseat (ofcourse, if the deadline or exam is tomorrow, I suggest you ignore this post altogether, in fact why are you even online ?!)

Mother and I went to our favourite little cottage like store (a complex, with a coffee shop and a bakery), located at Subroto Park. It has this old worldly charm about it. You get all sorts of knickknacks over there. Right from quaint crystal animals and figurines to silverware to rugs to herbal soaps (and other products) to everything.

cropped top, black-and-white stripped tube, necklace, SN; jeans, big C (SN); flip flops. Miss Joe; purse, ZARA.

I liked how in this photograph, a piece of the background appears to be printed on my purse. Didn’t even plan on it 🙂

 Mother piled up on plenty of unwanted ‘knickknacks’, while I chilled out with a cold coffee. Doesn’t cold coffee make our world go round.

I am indolence personified, hence, unless and until I know that I would be interacting with a lot of people, I usually go for a high knot. Its fuss free and gives me that much needed height.


3 Responses to “Break”

  1. postal rates November 20, 2011 at 13:35 #

    Was there anything better than Abercrombie khakis in the early 90’s?..well, beside their cargo shorts

  2. artyheart November 15, 2011 at 20:59 #

    Such pretty pictures! We have the same bag, yay!

  3. roanne November 2, 2011 at 23:19 #

    keeeeeeck aaasssss

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