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23 Feb

I am back! The sabbatical was on account of my various exams, and after that it was plain inertia, which I intend on breaking right now!

I am posting pictures of the outfit I wore earlier this week for a brunch. My entire outfit is thrifted with the exception of the sunglasses and the golden pumps.

blazer, Janpath; jeans, SN; pumps, Forever21, sunnies, Dior; bangles, SN


These awesome blossom pumps were such a steal. But walking in them is just not fun. I would mostly wear it to places where I don’t have to walk or stand a lot


At this brunch I was constantly being asked about my lipstick.

People couldn’t seem to place the shade. How could they, I actually put my MAC crimson lipstick first and followed it up liberally with a nude shade from deborah.



Merry Christmas!

24 Dec

Holiday season is here! I hope that you all are making the best of it.

jacket, janpath; dress, ZARA; socks, SN; clogs, ALDO; bag, vintage




Merry Christmas everybody!


Home is where the haat is…

16 Dec

I have a theory as to why it’s called Dilli Haat. The place has a soul of its own, pulsating with life constantly. And we, like photons flow through its various arteries in and out. The Dilli Haat is an organ that purifies your spirit, removing all the negative energy and fortifying it with positivity. It has nothing to do with retail therapy ( Ok maybe, lil bit). Just being in that place helps. I shall let the photographs speak for the former.

Polka dots and moonbeams

23 Nov

hairband, ALDO; top, ZARA; pants, Promod; watch, Calvin Klein; necklace worn as bracelet, gifted; footwear, thrift; bag, vintage

I really did not. I swear. It just happened. The hair and the pearly hairband would probably lead you to believe that this was an attempt to execute the Louis Vuitton Spring look 2012 created by the Godsent Marc Jacobs. But its not, it was an accident. Also, lucky Dior (i.e. if they can get anymore luckier) as the latest fashion week at Paris was probably his last for LV (if rumours are to be believed) before he moves on to Dior succeeding  John Galliano as the creative director.

A belt would have looked good no…I had the perfect one in mind…ah but just like my black knee-length socks it seems to be on a nice long vacation, probably in the darkest corner of my cupboard.

I like necklaces for many reasons. And one of them is that they are multipurpose. So what if they’re meant to be worn around he neck. You can wear it as bracelet, anklet, pin it up on you blazer’s/shirt’s/pant’s pocket, sew it on your purse/handbag, etc. (caution: not to be tried with mother’s diamond necklace) . This particular one that I’m wearing was gifted to me on birthday, and if you pay attention you can actually see the silhouette of my face etched inside the pendant. LOVE IT!

French Toast

18 Nov

jeans. Mango; turtle neck top, ZARA; bag, vinatge; scarf, SN; pumps, Commercial Street, B'lore; wayfarer, ray-ban; bracelets, gifted

This post is a toast to one of  the ‘all-time’ fashion favourite, the French. Now when I say French, I do not necessarily mean only the people but anything and everything French.  Two attributes characteristic of French that I am wearing are—nautical stripes and french cuff.

The nautical stripes have a great deal of history behind them, starting from the French sailors of the 19th century to being discovered by Coco Chanel and subsequently to the  rockstars of the 60s. I shall not delve into much into it.

There is no exact information about this, and it might very well  be a misnomer, but pants when cuffed inwards at the bottom are sometimes reffered to as ‘French cuffed’. Most exponents will ask you never to go for this sort of thing if you are vertically challenged, especially pertaining to slim-fit jeans. I say, go for it, but back it up with a pair kick-ass heels.



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